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Open House

Open House

Interested in attending Aspen Christian Academy? Join us for the Admissions Open House on Sunday, January 19th from 1:00
A Tradition of Excellence

A Tradition of Excellence

A learning community dedicated to building respectful and responsible citizens and empowering all learners.
  • Girls Basketball

    A big congratulations to our Varsity Girls Basketball team for placing 1st at the regional tournament. Next, the sate tournament! read more

  • Channeling Curiosity.

    Our curriculum recognizes the unique needs of young children and channels their natural energy, curiosity, and exuberance into learning activities at ... read more

  • A Day in the Life at Aspen Christian Academy - Welcome!

    We invite you to learn more about a day in the life at Aspen Christian Academy through a student's perspective in hopes that you'll get a better insight into the Aspen experience. Take a tour with our Aspen Ambassadors as they show you the life of an Aspen student and their experience in and out of the classroom.

  • Visual Arts

    The art program curriculum promotes intellecual, aethetic and emotional growth. Children use materials and learn procedures that facilitate an ongoing... read more

  • Aspen Christian Academy Community Impact

    Aspen students in every grade participate in community service. Our goal is to motivate students to become empathetic, impactful leaders in local and global communities. By participating in community service, students gain a better understanding of the issues facing our communities. In 2017, students logged more than 5,000 hours of community service.

  • Lifetime of Friendship

    During their time at Aspen Christian Academy, students build extraordinary relationships with classmates and faculty members. Relationships that last ...

  • Welcome Alumni

    Wheather it's been years since you graduated or just a few months, we want to stay in touch with you! Our goal is to provide you with relevant inf... read more

  • Exceptional Teachers

    Great teachers make great schools. We built a community of throughtful and dedicated faculty members with whom students can form positive relationships naturally. We would not be where we are today without the men and women who teach, advise, coach, mentor, comfort and celebrate our students.

Congratulations to our Varsity Girls Basketball te ...
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